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Hiányzó üzletvilágításJust imagine the situation when your store goes dark due to a power outage. The whole place goes black and you can’t see anything, not the products, not even the shelves. The many colorful, desirable and extraordinary products quickly become dull and average.

Imagine yourself walking into an outlet center where the store lighting consists of a single neon fluorescent tube strapped on the ceiling 4 metres above our heads. Not to mention it’s dull dark green color. It is not a color that you want to have on your products. How tempted are you to spend your money at this place? You already know the answer.

It is possible that you may want to focus on a specific product or group of products more in your shop. This can be easily done by using spotlights. For this reason, they are much more common in commerical than in residential use.

Spot lights don’t scatter light, instead, they focus it on a small area, they highlight or accent something.

Recessed lights became popular in stores where lights are placed in the drop ceilings. The advantage of recessed lights is that they are almost hidden in the ceiling, matches minimalist and modern design quite well and does not draw away attention from the products.

Using recessed lights has become quite popular in retail lighting over the years.

LED luminaires for commercial use have been available for 10 years. Since then they have improved a lot and their brightness has been continuously increasing. LED luminaires are rapidly gaining the upper hand against traditional lamps. In the past few years, brightness provided by a LED lamp doubled every 18-24 months.

LEDs have a low rate of energy consumption and their lifespan is much longer than the that of any kind of lamp before them. No wonder that LEDs are used almost everywhere now. For instance, the government of the US has prescribed that by the end of 2005 every traffic lighting must have LED ligt source- they must be working at every hour of the day.

LED luminaires have been becoming more and more commonly used in retail lighting in the past few years. What is the reason for it’s continuously rising popularity?

LED lamps are successful mostly due to their high energy saving feature. This exceeds any previous lamps.




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